Why Does My Pool Filter Keep Clogging Up?

A sparkling clean pool is a joy to swim in and a beautiful addition to any backyard. However, maintaining pristine pool water requires a well-functioning filtration system. If you find yourself constantly dealing with a clogged pool filter, it can be frustrating and time-consuming. Take a look at some common reasons why your pool filter keeps clogging up and how you can address these issues effectively.

Why Does My Pool Filter Keep Clogging Up 2

Lack of Regular Cleaning

One of the most common reasons for a clogged pool filter is a lack of regular cleaning. Pool filters, whether sand, cartridge, or diatomaceous earth (DE), require routine maintenance to remove debris and contaminants. If you neglect cleaning your filter, it can become overwhelmed with dirt and debris, leading to frequent clogs.

Solution: Establish a regular cleaning schedule based on your filter type. Generally, pool filters should be cleaned every 1-3 months, depending on pool usage and environmental factors.

Inadequate Water Chemistry

Poor water chemistry can contribute to filter clogs. When your pool’s pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels are not within the recommended ranges, it can lead to the formation of scale and deposits on your filter media. These deposits can quickly clog the filter.

Solution: Regularly test your pool water and adjust the chemistry as needed to maintain balanced levels. Consult your pool professional for guidance on proper water chemistry.

Excessive Pool Use

If your pool sees heavy usage, it can lead to more debris and contaminants in the water. This increased load can overwhelm the filter, causing it to clog more frequently.

Solution: Consider adjusting your cleaning schedule to more frequent filter maintenance during peak swimming season. You can also encourage pool users to rinse off before entering the pool to reduce the introduction of debris.

Inadequate Pre-Filtration

Not using skimmer baskets, leaf canisters, or a pool skimmer sock can allow large debris like leaves, twigs, and insects to bypass the initial stages of filtration and reach the filter media directly.

Solution: Make sure you’re using these pre-filtration tools to catch larger debris before it reaches the filter. Clean and empty them regularly to prevent clogs.

Undersized Filter

An undersized filter can struggle to handle the volume of water in your pool, leading to frequent clogs. If your filter is too small for your pool’s capacity, it may not effectively remove debris and contaminants.

Solution: Consult with a pool professional to assess whether your filter is appropriately sized for your pool. If necessary, consider upgrading to a larger filter to accommodate your pool’s needs.

High Algae or Microbial Growth

Excessive algae or microbial growth in your pool can cause the filter to clog quickly. Algae and microbes can multiply rapidly and form clumps that are difficult for the filter to trap.

Solution: Maintain proper pool sanitation levels and shock the pool if you notice signs of algae or microbial growth. Regularly brushing and vacuuming the pool surfaces can also help prevent algae buildup.

Pool Maintenance From Patriot Pools

A clogged pool filter can be a recurring issue if not properly addressed. To keep your pool filter functioning efficiently and reduce clogs, let Patriot Pool’s experts take care of your pool. From routine maintenance tasks to pool repairs, our pool experts are here to ensure that your pool works properly and efficiently all year round. Contact us today to learn more.