Patriot Pool is a locally owned and operated company in Carroll County for 20 years. When working with Patriot you will always speak to someone in the office directly and not a 3rd party. When it comes to our service techs as often as possible you will always see the same technician on site as we find it is best for our employees and our customers to work with the same people.

At Patriot we only work with custom builds, whereas other companies have prefabricated designs. As a customer this means a pool built to your specific needs, not you having to adapt to the needs of the pool builder. We work one on one with our customers to design the perfect backyard space that meets your budget. Using 3D software you will see the pool design come to life in your backyard before we even break ground.

We have qualified maintenance technicians, repair technicians, as well as the ability to upgrade or rehab your pool.

We offer the following swimming pool services:

  • Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Pool Opening and Closing
  • Pool Repair
  • Renovation & Restoration
Prior to purchasing a home with a pool or spa you should obtain a thorough inspection report of the pool, equipment, and systems. It is just as important to know the condition of the pool as it is to know the condition of the home before you purchase. Call to schedule a home pool inspection.
Depending on why the pool is not clear it may take a few days. The problem needs to be treated and then the filters need time to do their work. Remember, just because a pool looks clear, that does not mean that it does not need ongoing maintenance and service.
Yes, but they would need to be the correct type of chemicals, stored properly in a secure area that our technicians have access to. It is important to note that the quality of pool chemicals varies, due to this results may vary. Patriot will provide you with a list of recommended items for purchase after your first pool service.
Dirt, debris, and other contaminants like iron, phosphates, and calcium can inhibit the operation of your system. They cause an increase in pump pressure preventing optimal performance and leading to additional wear and tear on the equipment. Regular cleaning and servicing of your filter prevents this.

We will make sure pool water is balanced and all systems are running while we are there. In between service visits, it is your responsibility to check the pool for any issues, maintain the water level, check for obstructions that could block the flow of circulation to your swimming pool, and empty the skimmer baskets. Maintaining your pool on a daily basis (especially after storms) assists in extending the life of your pool and preventing many maintenance and service issues.

Water level has to be 1/2 up the skimmer mouth (or 1/2 way up through the tile line) for proper skimming action, filtration, and for the heater to properly work. If the water level drops enough for the pump to pull air through the skimmers it may cause damage to your pool pump and plumbing leading to a costly repair.