Pool Safety Checklist

Pools can be a fun place to work out, relax, hang out with friends, and more. But in order to have a place to do all these fun activities, you need to make sure that your pool is safe to swim in. Pool safety is an important part of being a pool owner, so take a look at this pool safety checklist. 


Pool Safety Checklist


Post Rules for the Pool 

Just because it’s your private pool doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t have rules posted. Having a poster with rules for the pool can help prevent accidents and keep your pool safe all year round. The best place to post rules for your pool is in an area that’s hard to miss and almost always visible. 


Have a First Aid Kit Handy

Every pool owner should have a first aid kit at their pool. You can make your own or buy one from a local store. A first aid kit is important to have at a pool because just like anywhere else, accidents happen. The wet and slippery environment of a pool increases the likelihood of an accident to occur. If they do, you want to be prepared by having basic supplies ready.


Consider Building a Fence

If you have young children or pets at home, consider installing a fence around the pool. Pools are dangerous for unsupervised young children and pets as they could easily drown. Installing a fence limits the possibility of this happening and can give pool owners peace of mind. 


Repair Deck Cracks

If your pool is next to or encompassed by a deck, you’ll want to make sure the pool deck is free of hazardous cracks. While cracks in your pool deck can be an eyesore, they can also pose a serious hazard. Cracked edges are sharp, and someone can end up cutting themselves by accident. So be sure to have cracks around the pool deck repaired before enjoying the pool. 


Resurface the Pool Deck

A slippery pool deck is dangerous for children and adults. If your pool deck is slippery, it can lead to serious injury, and you can even end up getting sued. Resurfacing the pool deck provides a skid-free finish and therefore increases traction.


Check Electrical Equipment 

A lot of pools require electrical equipment to function. While this electrical equipment is helpful for the functionality of your pool, some can be dangerous if submerged in water. Make sure all outlets have a ground fault so that if they’re tripped, they will instantly shut off and prevent electrical shock and fires. 


Check for Loose Bolts and Parts

Bolts and other parts of your pool are bound to rust or loosen over time. When they do, they can make your pool more dangerous to use. So make sure to periodically check the condition of bolts and other parts around and inside your pool.


Keep Your Pool Safe with Patriot Pool Service

While it can be difficult and tedious to keep your pool in tip-top shape and safe condition, with the help of a professional pool maintenance company like Patriot Pool Service, you can rest assured knowing that your pool will always be safe to use. We provide pool cleaning services, pool opening services, and a variety of other pool maintenance services. 


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