Designing the Right Pool for You

Although summer is coming to an end, there’s still some time left to design your idyllic pool. Planning is the most important aspect of a backyard swimming pool. So even if you don’t plan on installing a pool in your backyard this summer, here are some tips to help you design the right pool for you next summer. 


Designing the Right Pool for You


Tip #1: Know its Purpose

How do you intend to use your pool? Are you looking to build a pool that will primarily be used for family recreational purposes? Will you be using it primarily to relax, or something completely different? Determining how you plan to use your new pool is the first step in designing one that is perfect for you. 


Tip #2: Future Features

You may be starting with a basic pool now, but what would you want to add in the future? Would you like to add a slide, a water feature, or a spa? Many people choose to extend their pool season by incorporating a heat source such as a fire pit, fireplace, or heater. You can also choose to enhance your pool by adding a cabana, pergola, or trellises. Planning for additional pool features will help you design a pool that will be able to accommodate these things later on.


Tip #3: Set a Budget

Most homeowners have a budget they want to stick to when designing their pool. Setting a budget early in the planning process will give you a better idea of what you can and cannot do. Talk to an experienced contractor to get an estimate for your pool build. They’ll help set realistic expectations and give recommendations based on your budget.


Tip #4: Account For Yard Dynamics

Your yard design will have a major influence on what the right pool design looks like. Certain shapes work well in certain yards and may not in others. Small, tight, and oddly shaped yards may not pair well with a rectangular pool, but a freeform pool with no true geometric lines might. Take a hard look at your yard and consider its dimensions, shape, and other factors that can influence the optimal placement of your new pool. 


Helping You Design the Right Pool

Patriot Pools is more than a pool maintenance company. We also help design and build custom pools. Once you meet with one of our experts, we’ll create a 3D design that shows you what your pool will look like, and once you approve the designs, we’ll get to work constructing your new pool. Get started today by requesting your FREE quote